It's hard to say goodbye . . . . 

About Us

Children’s Burial Assistance provides donated burial plots throughout the United States (wherever plots are available) and urns to help off-set the cost of their child’s burial fees. In addition, we provide information and referral from our extensive resource data base.

A Call for Help

Paul and Kathy Shepard Lee listened to hundreds of grieved families in Georgia -and across the country- plea for assistance to help bury their deceased minor children. Distraught by the death of minor children and exacerbated by conversations with parents who felt inadequate because they lacked the financial resources to bury their children, Paul and Kathy knew there had to be a way to minimize the overwhelming stress these parents felt.

Paul and Kathy spent numerous hours contacting social service agencies and researching existing literature to find agencies to aid families bury minor children. After extensive research, the couple discovered there were very few organizations that helped families cover the burial expenses associated with the burial of minor children.

Determined to bridge this gap in service, in 2005 Paul B. Lee and Kathy Shepard Lee of Atlanta Georgia founded Children’s Burial Assistance, Inc. (CBA). CBA is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization devoted to assisting families with donated burial plots (upon availability), vaults, grave liners, assist with cremation expenses, and/or open and close of grave fee.

Our Founders

Paul B. Lee is a retired non-profit executive who has chaired numerous non-profit boards and has worked tirelessly as an advocate for the welfare of children and seniors.

Kathy Shepard Lee is employed with a major airline and is a licensed funeral director. Kathy has volunteered for numerous community activities involving children and seniors.